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Optimal Technical Training

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Optimal Technical Training is included as a part of every FCDA Program training package. 

Optimal Technical Training: An Overview

The art of mastering essential skills is vital for every player, from beginners to advanced level, and should be diligently developed and refined.

Technical Skills

Technical skills are the core of a player's capabilities, including both control over the ball and adeptness, or finesse, in handling it.

Ball Control




Tactical Skills

Tactical skills entail a player's knowledge and understanding of the soccer game, their positioning on the field, and their capacity to make quick decisions.


Decision Making

Soccer IQ (Game Intelligence)

Physical Skills

Physical skills lay the groundwork for a player's speed, endurance and agility.




Mental Skills

Mental skills cover a player's mindset and psychological attributes. 


Confident players take calculated risks, attempt difficult maneuvers and recover from setbacks promptly


Soccer is mentally demanding, requiring a lot of concentration. Players, specifically goalkeepers, must sustain intense focus to track the soccer ball and respond to shots on goal.


Players will cultivate the skills to rebound from setbacks. Players who are capable of shrugging off missed opportunities or goals and can persist at their peak will display remarkable resilience.

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