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  • Selecting the team

  • Securing a substitute coach if for any reason you are unable to attend a game or practice

  • Determining tactics and formations for the team

  • Determining playing positions for the team

  • Selecting tournaments in which the team will play in conjunction with the Director of Coaching.

  • Ensure that the uniform policy is enforced for practice and games. Players must be wearing Admiral whenever representing FC Deportivo Az.

  • Selecting a team manager and approving any parental team support

  • Be available to parents to discuss players

  • Keep good communication with parents of the team

  • Lead by example, Lead the player, Lead the team.

  • Be ultimately responsible for the team regarding the enforcement of all club, team, league and ASA policies, procedures, rules, regulations, including the philosophy of the Club

  • Attend all scheduled club coaches meetings, including special meetings called by the Director of Coaching.

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